Do intruder alarm systems need WIFI?

Most alarm systems do not require an active Internet connection to maintain their
functionality, so there is no need to worry if you do not have a stable internet
connection at your home.
Having a wireless intruder alarm system in Kenya simply means there are no wires
involved and does not necessarily mean that there must be a use of WIFI. wireless
alarm systems tend to use much lower frequencies than 2.4 GHz. The vast majority of
these systems operate on a frequency range between 400 and 900 MHz. These signals
do a much better job penetrating through solid masses and building material meaning it
will work efficiently no matter the size of a premises.
There are two types of wireless devices, one way and two way devices. A one-way
wireless alarm device has a sensor that is constantly on the lookout for intrusions or any
kind of motion. If an intrusion is detected a transmitter sends a signal in one direction to
the central control unit of your security system. Two-way systems allow communication
between the wireless alarm and the central control panel. This enables you to change
the settings of the alarm and to receive health reports on the alarm itself, which can tell
you things such as battery life, signal strength, reports on any intrusions, and any other
kind of status information.
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