Apartment access control is a method of automating property access for authorized residents, staff, and visitors. While there are many different types of apartment building access control systems, they all share the common goal of simplifying building access for authorized tenants and visitors. Controlled access apartments enjoy greater convenience and security — which renters actively seek out when apartment hunting.


Building security and resident satisfaction are top priorities for any apartment owner or manager. And the type of apartment access control you install significantly impacts your building operations, security, and the resident experience. So, it’s important that you choose the right one!


Although apartment access control systems come in various shapes and sizes, some work better than others. So, an essential step for choosing the right system for your controlled access apartment building is educating yourself on the different types of available solutions.


There are different  types of apartment access control systems commonly used today


  1. Key cards and key fobs

Key card and fob systems are often used beyond the front door, too. You’ll often find them controlling access to elevators. Fob systems allow building managers to restrict access to certain floors and prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing certain areas of the building.


  1.  Cloud-based access control

With cloud-based access control, residents and building staff can open doors for themselves or guests with any device that’s connected to the internet and from anywhere. Additionally, property managers can update the resident directory, manage access permissions, and review entry logs remotely without having to be on-site.


  1. Mobile access control

Mobile access control systems enable you to use mobile devices – such as smartphones, tablets, and smart devices – as access credentials to enter buildings and the rooms within. The access card reader on the door communicates with residents’ mobile devices to verify their credentials. A mobile access control system enhances the resident experience, but also saves time and money for building staff.


  1. Apartment intercom systems with door release

An apartment intercom system with door release controls access at a building’s front door or gate. Residents use the intercom to open doors for themselves and grant access to their guests. When someone is granted access via the intercom, it triggers the door release mechanism to unlock the door.

When visitors come to the property, they look up a resident in the intercom’s directory and press the corresponding button to call them. Then, the resident answers the call either on an in-unit device or on their cell phone. Finally, the resident presses a ‘door open’ button to activate the door release.

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