Having the capability of knowing what is happening at your business or your personal premises is a stress relieving feeling most Kenyans crave. This can be achieved by acquiring remote CCTV surveillance. 


This surveillance method sends the images from your cameras to remote monitoring stations that are full of professionals dedicated to detecting suspicious activities at your site. This technique is popular due to the enhanced security it offers, along with its advantage of immediately alerting the emergency services. Remote monitoring uses an internet connection to take the images your CCTV cameras are picking up, and send them to an external remote monitoring station. Remote monitoring is the monitoring of an entire security system, carried out by a third party monitoring provider, 24/7, 365 days of the year and completely remote.


The information above will tickle your curiosity nerve and make you wonder how remote CCTV surveillance works.


Step one – An internet connection sends the images from your cameras to screens located in an external remote monitoring station.


Step two – When unusual activity is identified by the system, the unfolding incident will appear on the screen of a security professional. This expert will then manually monitor the scene, and manipulate cameras by zooming and maneuvering them to achieve the best footage possible. This also prevents the intruders from trying to escape the cameras’ blind spots.


Here are some benefits of having remote CCTV surveillance.


  • Remote security cameras allow users to check in and engage with their security feed via their digital device around the clock, from any location, in real time.
  • Features such as infrared and thermal imaging follow body heat when light quality isn’t optimal.
  • Advanced analytics can read license plates to better track suspicious individuals.
  • 360-degree views from heights of 20 feet offer unprecedented site coverage


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