Electric Fences In Nairobi​

Electric Fences In Nairobi

At Mighty Solutions we offer an extremely reliable and effective form of perimeter security. It is the only product to truly offer a detection and deterrent security solution. The Electric Fence is installed to meet stringent quality standards.

With over three years experience in the electric fence business we are leading the way in this new and effective form of perimeter security.

Our product, is an electric fence that provides the ultimate in perimeter security supplying not only effective detection but also a psychological deterrent. The controller is compatible to monitored alarm systems, the fence can be detected by zones, currently up to four. False alarms are virtually non-existent, as the fence will only go into alarm when a concerted effort is made to break the perimeter security. It is cost effective, simple to operate and proven security system. Our existing clients have reported the system as paying for itself within twelve months of installation.

Electric Fences In Nairobi

The Electric fence does not only perform as an extremely effective psychological and visible form of perimeter security it also supplies anyone who dares to try and unlawfully enter your property with a short, sharp, harmless but memorable shock.


� DETERS – Would-be intruders with a short, sharp, regulated safe but painful electric shock.
� DETECTS – Alarms are generated the instant the Electric Fence security system is tampered with.
� DEFENDS – Provides an active inner security barrier through which any would-be intruder would have to pass to achieve their goal.
� DENIES – Unauthorized access


Electric fences In Nairobi

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