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There is no denying how very important security is in the hotel and hospitality industries. The security of any hotel can affect the success of that business, either negatively or positively. If you run or manage a hotel, it’s important that you develop a good relationship with a trustworthy commercial locksmith in Kenya  that can handle the amount of work you need to be done, both for the installation of door locks and to fix any problems that may arise

Safety has always played an important role in the hotel industry and not only in terms of taking care of guest’s material items but to protect their and the hotel staff’s health since the pandemic burst out. Actually an electronic lock can take care of both at the same time! Nowadays, the usage of electronic locks is becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry but before we dive into their numerous benefits, it’s important to clarify what we can call an electronic lock and what are their outstanding functions which can help you increase guest experience . 

What is an electronic smart lock?

Electronic  smart locks are the most innovative options available. To operate this kind of locking system you need electricity. Digital systems are very handy and provide a wide range of functions and features – for example, you may set a specific time for the door to lock and unlock automatically. Nowadays, you can even or use your smartphone to open the door via Wi-FI or Bluetooth!

Which electronic locking systems suits you the most?

Here are several kinds of electronic smartlocks, that you should know about:

1. The RFID locking system

RFID stands for ‘radio-frequency identification’, which means recognition through electromagnetic waves. The contactless transmitter-receiver system identifies objects and people by using radio waves. It can be combined with an electronic door lock. In this case, a special chip must be programmed and built into a small transponder*, placed on the door. The authorization check is performed by the data transfer via the radio frequency. Depending on the provider, the guest’s transponder can look like a key fob, card, special bracelet, etc. The RFID locks are widely used in hotels because the key cards can be reprogrammed for each guest.

2. Lock with a PIN or a chip

Locks with PIN code can be opened with a correct sequence of digits, entered on a keypad or touchpad. Among other useful features, the software allows recording the time of access. Compared to the touchpads, keypads are splash-proof, have a smaller surface area and are less vulnerable.

Electric door locks with a sensor and a chip card are extremely popular with hoteliers. First of all, they can be easily reprogrammed as well. Another factor that makes them attractively convenient is the ease of use for both guests and hotel employees.

3. Lock with smartphone control aka. smart lock

The locking system with a smartphone app control allows users to enter the room or apartment using Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi. Their possibilities and functions are endless! For example, you can significantly improve customer experience by combining the mobile check-in option with a possibility to open the door with a smartphone. This will save your guest’s time and let them avoid queueing at the reception.

These locks can be easily integrated with your current Property Management System. The only drawback is that guests must always carry smartphones with them and keep the battery charged, but we believe it’s not even a problem for guests of the 21st century.


In today’s uncertain economy, many businesses including hotels attempt to cut costs by having cheap or inferior door locks installed. The problem with this is that these business owners often end up having to call in other locksmiths when they have a problem with their door locks, which just ends up costing them more money in the long run. This is why it’s wise to find a reputable locksmith in your area that can always be relied on for providing only top quality door locks and excellent service.


Why do you need an electronic lock in your hotel?

Are Your Locks Showing Wear And Tear?

If your locks are getting worn, damaged or are showing severe tarnish, rust or other visible signs of wear then it is a sure sign that your locks will need to be replaced. Damaged or worn locks can pose a serious weakness in your B&B’s security. Not only are they easier to pick or break, they can also be more difficult to open legitimately as time goes on.

Apart from the visible signs of wear, another sign of wear is “sticky” locks. Sticky locks can occur when the key is not sliding into the lock easily or there is resistance when you turn the key. You may need to jiggle the key for it to work properly. This is a sure indicator that the internal mechanism is getting old and worn.

A short term solution to sticky locks is the use of spray lubricant such as WD40. This can also help remove any potential dirt and grime that could be clogging up your lock.

However, if your locks continue to show signs of wear, you will need to get them replaced immediately to avoid any inconvenient malfunctions. Choosing high-quality, rustproof locks are the best option to protect your locks from early wear and tear.

Has Your Business Recently Been Broken Into?

Having your home or business broken into is a horrible feeling. During these incidents, it is not uncommon for criminals to have picked or damaged the locks to your business. Most criminals are not the most knowledgeable in lock picking, so they will have likely permanently damaged your locks.

Even if it seems that your locks have not been damaged when the burglars gained access, it is still a good idea to get your locks changed. It is possible that the thief had taken the keys as well. In this case, a locksmith can check if the locks have been damaged.

If the locks are still in good working order, you can get your existing locks rekeyed, which will save you the money associated with buying a whole new locking system.

Have You Just Moved Into A New Premises?

If you have just moved into a new property, it is always a good idea to get the locks changed to increase the level of your business’s security.

Even though you should have received all the keys to your property, you don’t know if there were other keys that the previous owners forgot about. You don’t know how many duplicate keys were made and whose might have them.

To avoid any potential break-ins and to give you and your customers peace of mind, have all of your locks rekeyed when you move into your new premises.

When Was The Last Time You Changed Your Locks?

Even if you haven’t had any recent problems with your locks, it is always a good idea to change your locks every couple of years.

Security technology changes, which can make older locks become obsolete. Whilst it isn’t dire, it is important to keep up with these changes if you are worried about the security of your premises.

Are Your Worried About Unauthorised Duplicate Keys?

Throughout the life of your business, you will have many guests coming and going. Just because your guests have returned all the keys they were given doesn’t guarantee that there were no other duplicates made. To protect against this possibility is a good idea to change your locks to non-duplicate security keys. A better alternative is to consider getting digital locks so you can change the passcode after each visitor.

Have You Recently Completed A Renovation?

Have you just finished renovating your small hotel or bed and breakfast? If you have given a spare key to a contractor or two, your business’ security could be at risk. Even if your contractor was trustworthy, they may have let another subcontractor borrow the keys.

In some cases, you may not know your contractors as well as you think you do. To be better safe than sorry, get your locks rekeyed.

Do You Want To Save On Your Business Security?

If you want to save money on your security, get your locks rekeyed instead of getting new locks. It is not as expensive as a full lock change, however, it still provides the security you need if a key has been lost or stolen.

If you want added convenience in your security, consider investing in a smart lock system. If you need to upgrade your door locks, this will likely be the best option for your business.

Instead of keeping track of keys and worrying if the key had been duplicated, you can offer temporary codes to customers who need access to the rooms.

When a guest has completed their stay, the temporary code will no longer open the door lock. Some digital lock systems also allow you to control the lock from your smartphone.

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When you use the same locksmith for installation and service, you’ll undoubtedly save money and a lot of time which would otherwise be spent hunting down a commercial locksmith to provide you with the services you need. This is why it’s important to do significant vetting when looking for a commercial locksmith that’s qualified and able to provide you with all the locksmith services your hotel needs.

Hotels that are known for their good security are hotels that earn good reputations for keeping their guests, staff, and premises safe & secure. Door security and a thorough security camera system should be top priorities for any hotel owner/manager. If your hotel does not have high-quality, robust locks installed on the doors with supplemental security camera monitoring, you’re putting your guests at risk as well as your entire business. The last thing you want to happen is to find out your hotel is known as a business that doesn’t prioritize the safety and security of your guests. We offer quality smart lock installation in Kenya to ensure safety of your premises and customers. Click Here to get a quotation on smart lock installation in Kenya


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