How does access control system work

Biometric access control systems in Kenya are security devices that control entry to
a premise by use of biometrics such as Face, fingerprint, palm print or Iris scan.
Apart from biometrics, biometric doors can also use code or access cards.
Most businesses in Kenya have taken up biometric control systems because it is a
fundamental component of data security that dictates who’s allowed to access and
use company information and resources. Through authentication and authorization,
access control policies make sure users are who they say they are and that they have
appropriate access to company data.

However you might wonder how the access control system works. The Key elements of
the system are The Tag, The Reader, The Controller and The Lock.
The Tag – Each user has a Tag which will be authorized on certain doors at specific
times by the system administrator,
The Reader – Is on the controlled side of the door (both sides if control is in and out).
The Tag is presented in the proximity of the reader and, if authorized at that time on that
door, the door lock will be opened.
The Controller – This is the core of the system, it stores all the authorization
information, which it receives from a PC. When it receives a Tag ID from a reader, it
releases a door lock if that Tag is authorized at that door.
The Lock – This can be any electro-mechanical locking device, fail safe or fail secure.

The purpose of installing your access control system should be clear from the get-go
based on the security level that you require for your facility. For instance, high-value
assets like servers, communication equipment, and mission-critical data should be
safeguarded at every access point to keep it safe from harm, while amenities like
bathrooms and vending machines can have security that is a little less robust. Consider
the sensitivity of the assets within your facility and plan to protect them accordingly thus
contacting Mighty Solutions for access control installation anywhere in Kenya. Protected
behind a locked door, they become much harder to steal or compromise.

Once we’ve decided on the best system for your space, we place the hardware on the
appropriate location. With the cost of access control in Kenya, you might be tempted to
go with the quickest or cheapest option. Consider the fact that this system, when
installed properly, will deliver years of performance and safety

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