Mighty Solutions is known to be one of the best electric fence installation companies in Kenya.
Materials that are required during electric fence installation include: Electric fence post, electric
fence energizer, insulators, wire blade, earth stakes, wire joiners or connection bolts, fence
signs and lead out cables.
Electric Fences have proven to be the most cost effective. Reason being, you will not have to
get any coating on top of the fence to prevent rusting or breakage of the fence thus avoiding the
extra cost of extra materials.
The traditional method of fencing took hours of manpower because the materials used were
difficult to transport and heavy. It goes without saying that, more working hours equals more
expenditure. Electric fence installation in Kenya might take two to three hours depending on the
size of the property. Meaning you can get the job done faster
Compared to barbed wire, an electric fence is much safer as it has proven not to cause fatal
injuries because its voltage goes up and down, causing it to be non lethal. That said, its shock
will most likely cause no damage to your livestock
It is proven that modifying any electric fence component either by adding a structure on top of
the fence to prevent an intruder from jumping over or at the bottom of the fence or to prevent an
intruder from crawling under; is an additional advantage which is nearly impossible while using
traditional methods. Said acts can be installing chain-like fences or decorative wrong iron fencing.

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