Reasons to install fire alarm system in Kenya

From the year 2021 the Kenyan government has recorded an annual cases of
up to 200,000 cases of fire accidents and up to 698 cases of burn victims at
major hospitals in Nairobi alone! Main causes of fire can be ; candles, cooking
equipment, electrical systems and devices, smoking or small children playing
with fire or matches.
With that said, here is the importance of having a fire alarm system for your
home or your place.
1. Early fire detection
A small flame can easily spread to become a wild uncontrolled one. Thus,
commercial establishments, even residential properties, should have a
proper emergency plan, including incorporating fire safety and protection
2. Fire alarms save lives
They say prevention is the cure. It’s best not to be part of the statistics and
suffer long term injuries or even death of loved ones or employees. In
addition your employees ,customers and tenants will feel safer.
3. Reduction of property loss
The sooner people are aware of a possibility of fire by a notification from the
alarm they will act fast saving you property probably worth millions of
Kenyan Shillings
Installing a fire alarm system is one of the most prudent measures you can
take to manage your fire risk while at the same time protecting the people
who surround you and the important part, prevent death and unmanageable hospital bills.

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