Types of electric fences in Kenya

The main reason to install an electric fence on your property in Kenya is to protect
your loved ones and your property. With this in mind depending on your personal
needs whether it’s to protect your loved ones or livestock against intruders, this
article will help you understand different types of Electric Fences.

1.Galvanized steel wire
Galvanized steel wire is an adaptable wire that undergoes chemical changes
that involve stainless steel coating with a protective, rust preventable metal
such as zinc. Galvanized steel wire is strong and rust resistant. It comes in a
variety of gauges.

Features and Benefits
● Steel wire is a basic, economic wire
● Carries charge long distance w/ extensions
● Can use with any type of charge

Ideal Uses

● Semi-permanent fencing
● Permanent fencing
● Perimeter fencing

2. Aluminum Wire
It is the best for carrying a charge. Aluminum conducts
electricity four times better than steel wire. While it will cost
more, aluminum wire does not rust like un-galvanized steel

Features and Benefits
● Long-lasting
● Permanent fencing
● Lifetime warranty, will not rust

Ideal Uses
● Carries charge 4x better than steel

3. High-Tensile
This is the ideal type of fence in case you have livestock. It can be used as a
simple barrier or electrified for greater effectiveness. Fencing systems made from
high-tensile fencing wire are affordable and long-lasting.

Features and Benefits
● Affordable and low maintenance
● Safely contain most species of livestock
● Effective at keeping predators out

Ideal Uses
● Simple barrier or electrified for greater efficiency
● Permanent fencing
● Perimeter fencing

4. Barbed wire fence
Barbed wire is a steel fencing constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at
intervals along the wire strand. It is used commonly to construct inexpensive fences
and was the first wire technology capable of containing livestock.
Features and Benefits
● Inexpensive, simple
● Quick, simple to erect

Ideal Uses

● Security fencing
● Perimeter fencing
In conclusion Electric Fencing is one of the most affordable type of Fencing in Kenya
especially when it come to protecting livestock in rural Kenya.

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