Ensuring the safety of your staff or facility is the utter most important point of having a biometric system. Biometrics are biological measurements or or physical characteristics that can be used to identify individuals. 

Biometrics fall in two categories; physical identifiers and behavioral identifiers. Today we are going to discuss the most popularly used Biometric Systems used in Kenya.


  1. Fingerprints

 Fingerprints have been in use since the late 1800s as a way to identify criminals. In recent years, fingerprint scanners have proven to be regularly present in smartphones, laptop screens, computer mouse or even a door panel. In Kenya, Fingerprint scanning is the most popular form of biometrics


  1. Facial Recognition.

This is the second most popular Biometrics System to be used in Kenya. Facial recognition technology can be used to confirm a person’s identity based on the available data – an image of someone’s face stored in a database as mathematical code. It reduces the risk of unwanted access to your facilities.

  • Iris Scanning

The iris is the colored part of an eye that contains the pupil at the center. Iris recognition technologies use the unique patterns found in the human eye to provide accurate identification for employees. This can provide you with detailed information about the movements and access points used by various individuals 

  • Voice

Voice-based digital assistants and telephone-based service portals are already using voice recognition to identify users and authenticate customers. Though this system is not widely used in Kenya, it is only used by a very little  percentage in companies.

In conclusion, companies can choose the most convenient Biometric system in Kenya that is cost effective and carters for their day to day needs. They should also choose a biometric system that can not be easily hacked Making sure their facilities and buildings are protected against unwanted intruders is essential for the safety of their  employees and property.

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