What to consider before CCTV installation in Kenya

CCTVs are of great help when it comes to terms of security both at your place of business and
personal residence. You get to survey your area while at the same time making it safe from
The main question is, what should you consider before installing CCTV in Kenya? Hopefully by
the end of this you would have fully gotten the concept
1. Type of CCTV cameras you want installed
Not all CCTV cameras are the same though wireless CCTV are common to be installed
in Kenya. There are also bullet cameras that only face one direction and dome cameras
that offer 360 degrees coverage. Another key factor to consider is if it either only
captures audio or both video and audio.
2. Space of coverage
It’s most likely to install CCTV in places that are more prone to get monitored such as
the front and back of a door, off street windows, stairs or even stairways.
3. Legality
This is mostly relevant at places of business. People do not like being watched when they come
to purchase from your place of business without their awareness.
4. Technical aspects
Image quality is a key factor. Resolutions are as :
Megapixel Cameras Max Resolution Name by Vertical
1MP Security Cameras 1280*720 720p Security Cameras
2 Megapixel Security Cameras 1920*1080 (HD) 1080p Security Cameras
3 Megapixel Security Cameras 2048*1536 1536p Security Cameras
4 Megapixel Security Cameras 2560*1440 (2K) 1440p Security Cameras
Other than this you should consider what storage you would prefer. Some cameras store
videos on the cloud while others store videos on storage hardware. Pick your type and
quantity of storage depending on how long you would store your data.
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