It’s amazing how technology has come to life from movies based on the 80s. It was hard to
believe something as complex as a biometric system installation in Kenya came from fiction to
an everyday reality.
Fingerprint recognition was one of the first biometric technologies to be widely adopted, but now
we are seeing the integration of facial recognition, voice recognition and iris recognition into day
to day interactions.
Here are some places where biometric systems are used ;
1. Building Access
Biometric technology is used in most buildings in Kenya as a means of allowing access to
specific areas of the building. The technology can provide a frictionless entry experience when
utilizing facial or iris recognition to control access secure areas within a building. Fingerprint
recognition is the most widely utilized biometric used for accessing buildings and it provides an
extra layer of security for building managers. Whereas a key, access card or a PIN number can
be stolen, it’s much more difficult to steal a biometric identifier, making it a much more secure
way to secure buildings.
2. Blood banks
Using face or fingerprint recognition, blood banks use biometric systems to eliminate the
chances of duplication or incorrect data entry of bank donors. This in turn makes the process
more secure.
3. Financial institutions
To deliver seamless experience to customers, banking institutions including SACCOs in Kenya
have embarrassed biometric systems. In some other parts of the world facial recognition is used
to verify the identity of a card owner at ATM machines. In addition to this more customers in
Kenya prefer banks and financial institutions with biometric systems installed as they get a
sense of security.
4. Schools
More schools in Kenya have installed biometric control systems because it has made it easier to
check out library books, pick up on student attendance or even pay fees. Also, it ensures
security and makes the enrolment process more efficient.
In summary biometric system installation in Kenya has become more affordable and a normal
basic need in most companies

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