Many homeowners in Kenya are conscious of the safety of their home,property and families.
They would like to secure up upto millions of kenyan shillings investment.with this they may take
a security measure of installing an electric fence in their homes for a couple of reasons.
1. Electric fence installation in kenya is affordable
Materials used for electric fence installation are very affordable hence reducing cost for electric
fence installation.
2. Low maintenance
Once your electric fence is properly installed maintenance is usually minimal. It may include A
daily check on the voltage will highlight any problems with a periodic inspection of vegetation approaching
the fence lines.
3. Visual aspect
The appearance of your home having an electric fence will be a cause of alarm for robbers or burglars. It
goes without saying that the installation of fear to anyone who intends to trespass your premises.
4. Durability
Electric fences have an undoubted great life expectancy. This is because they are not subjected to
physical pressure from wild animals.
5. Its safe
Compared to barbed fire, electric fences can cause less damage to your livestock reducing veterinary bills
and also wild animals.

An electric fence is based on a strong psychological barrier coupled with a weak physical barrier that
keeps wildlife or farm animals in and unwanted animals and vermin. Those who understand and apply the
basic principles of electric fencing in Kenya when constructing their electric fences will reap the benefits of
electric fencing.

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